Social Proof & Case Studies are a MUST Have To Grow an Agency Today...

Leverage The Largest Set Of Proven Local Landing Pages In 35+ Local Niches To Land More Clients

Regular Price: $497 per year Today: $227

A Few Examples Of The 35+ And Growing Proven Local Landing Page Templates...

While operating a white label digital marketing agency we built quite the stash of proven landing page templates, in damn near every market you could probably ever close a client in…

Niche Before & Afters (For Nearly All Niches)

We realized the value in before and afters, and being able to approach clients showing them how our proven landing pages could get them 50% more clients, 100% more or even 300% more clients without even touching their Google Ads account!

Plus Niche KPI's

In today’s trying times, and market businesses now more than ever want experts and as close to a “sure-thing” as they possibly can get. Our proven niche Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) help you set the correct expectations with your prospect from the get go. And set your relationship up for the best chances of success.

Bonus: Get 50+ Google Ads Case Studies When You Enroll Today! You won't find this ANYWHERE else.

A few of our ‘Landing Page Club’ clients asked us If we could just include all of our case studies, not just the ones we have proven landing pages for… And you know what, we decided what the heck!

Let’s just throw it in the package! 
You can clearly see how seriously we take our responsibility to provide top-quality ASSETS.

Not just training!

Our reputation is based on our commitment to our students and customers.

We even go one step further and choose to give our students the flexibility to discontinue this program at any time. Just let us know by emailing support, and your billing, and of course your access will stop… it goes without saying, we’ll miss you.

Also, due to the proprietary nature and volume of the training all instantly available to you, all sales are final and No Refunds will be issued.

– Joe Troyer & Rob Warner


 Why would I need this?

The biggest reason is… PROOF! Compare our PROOF and marketing message to what you’re presenting to local businesses. Second reason is these are proven to convert. You’re clients and you get to miss all the trials and tribulations we experienced to get these landing pages to convert well!

 How much does it cost?

Great question its just $227 per year! If you’re doing Google Ads, this has to be the BIGGEST ROI you and your clients EVER got. The biggest lever (tactic) for account performance you can pull is landing page conversion rate!

 What platform(s) are the landing pages built on?

We know you’d want flexibility when using our landing pages so we build them in 4 different ways for you! We built them in Unbounce, Clickfunnels, GoHighLevel, and in HTML5.

 Can I use this for finding prospects?

Of course! We’d recommend going after prospects already spending money on Google Ads! Why? Because they will see the biggest IMPACT and ROI from a proven landing page!

 Are all my competitors using proven Landing Pages?

In our experience NONE are. This is a ginormous opportunity wether you’re just getting started with Google Ads or are completely new.

 What comes with each of the proven landing pages?

A 3 step proven funnel. Pages are built in 4 platforms for ultimate flexibility, plus before and afters for each that we have them for...

 Is this just a re-hash of other courses?

No. In fact, this is NOT really even a course. You’re buying our asset. Our landing page for Roofing has been tested across 32,788 Clicks & Generated 3,864 Leads. We’ve never seen a “resource” with this unique angle and proof of such fast success before. It gets marketers unstuck, and also helps convert new prospects, and old!

 Do you offer refunds?

No we do not. Due to the proprietary nature and the instantly accessed resources available to you, all sales are final and no Refunds will be issued.
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